Unit – Student Blog Feedback

Overall the Lectures helped me identify key components for my app. As pointed out in the About section, Apps are a weak point for my design career, so I wanted to strengthen my skills. I believe I have learnt a few things from this unit and applied them to my app. I do feel the … Continue reading Unit – Student Blog Feedback


Week 7: App UI Patterns

Used to reinforce the branding of the app. Allows the app to load in the background. *Not to be confused with the home screen* The Tray Extension of the experience. The tray can include navigation, tools, profile information. The tray area takes up 60-70% of the wide screen width. Allows the designer to have more … Continue reading Week 7: App UI Patterns

Week 4: Understanding the Device

Planning for an app on iOS you should always practice using an iPhone and the same goes for android. Each platform has a set of unique elements, terminology, and device characteristics. For designing iOS, there are two main areas: gestures and user interface. Part 1: Gestures in IOS For iPhones some characteristics users will pick up on in a short time … Continue reading Week 4: Understanding the Device

Unpacking an App Exercise 1: WESTERN

Information Architecture Tools/modules in order (this is the default order, prior to being reorganised): What is included in the app? List the tools/modules in order How do you think they are clustered/organized? – Can you suggest categories for the modules? How are they clustered/organised and can you suggest categories for the modules? The default layout … Continue reading Unpacking an App Exercise 1: WESTERN

An Introduction To This Blog

This blog focuses on design methodology for the development and delivery of interactive media applications (apps). Particular concepts addressed include conceptual integration and convergence of various media forms, screen design, navigational hierarchy and structures, and designing engaging interactive interfaces. General principles of interface, information architecture and interaction design will be introduced, alongside principles of digital … Continue reading An Introduction To This Blog